Public Health

In the current global scenario, AI is proving to be a critical support in helping officials track, trace and manage various diseases. Be it in Mumbai, Manila or Malawi, our AI solutions have been used to enhance the effectiveness of healthcare programs that address Tuberculosis, COVID and many other diseases.

"The Global Fund Application Support Package"

Watch Dr. Deshmukh, Head of Covid-19 taskforce, Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM) talk out how he used Qure's technology to manage COVID19 in India's busiest and populous city.

Hospitals and Imaging Centers

Globally, medical institutions are turning to AI solutions to resolve personnel, logistical and productivity challenges. Whether it’s in remote areas or urban cities, AI-based tools are being deployed to track progression of COVID, prioritize scans for early triage of stroke, and assist clinicians detect early-stage lung nodules. These solutions assist radiologists and their clinical colleagues by identifying cases that require follow-ups and reading assistance thus improving treatment times and outcomes for patients.

Watch this video to see how has helped vRAD improve the quality of patient care, value for their clients, and the experience of their physicians.

Pharmaceutical Companies

Be it to analyse clinical data, identify patients accurately for drug trials, enhance treatment pathways or reduce drug & treatment development times, AI algorithms and machine learning are playing greater roles in the way pharmaceutical companies approach every aspect of their work.

AstraZeneca trusts Qure's technology to improve early-stage diagnosis of lung cancer and reduce the mortality rate.

Immigration Authorities

As global migration patterns continue, AI tools are being used by immigration panels to assess data points and qualifications to help authorities make quicker and more accurate decisions about individual applicants. At present, AI is also being used at border points to test & track individuals and control the spread of the pandemic.

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