Hardware agnostic

Microservice architecture

Dockerized applications

Modes of Integration

There are two modes of integration that we offer for all products:

API based

Dicom images can be uploaded to our REST APIs through a token-based authentication. Results can be downloaded using a separate API endpoint. Our API documents are simple and easy to use.


We also offer a PACS integration based on DIMSE protocol to transfer raw scans and receive outputs. Our gateway can be added as a Dicom node in your network which will receive images, anonymize them, upload them using the APIs, download results and send these results back to your PACS.

Hosting options

We place paramount importance on securing healthcare data for our customers and partners. We provide three hosting options for our dockerized applications to receive & process dicom images for our products:


Customers can use our cloud servers to upload scans and receive results for both modes of integration.

API based

Private cloud: We enable customers to deploy our products on their private clouds.

Local IT infrastructure: We also offer deployment of products on local IT systems at hospitals & radiology centers.

Both on-premise options empower customers to be in complete control of their healthcare data and ensure that the scans never leaves


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