AI for Lung Nodules

qCT-Lung empowers screening programs and facilitates incidental screening for early detection of lung cancer using AI.

Pre-read Assistance

Distinguish lung lesions from complex anatomical structures on chest CTs.

Adaptable AI

End-to-end workflow platform for adapting qCT-Lung findings to what's profoundly important for you. Include or exclude AI-detected lesions on the pre-populated portal before sending the final report to the RIS.

Can be deployed on-cloud or on-premises

Supports scans from all major manufacturers



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Product Capability

How it works

qCT-Lung uses deep learning technology to screen Chest CTs for lung nodules. It aids in early detection of lung cancer by assisting clinicians with the detection, quantification & characterization of lung nodules

Quantification, analysis & progression monitoring are for investigational use only

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