AI for Head CTs

qER aids in alerting the neuro-critical care team about 11 findings on non-contrast head CTs (NCCT), enabling faster decision-making for timely care

Smart Stroke Care Coordination

Aids in detecting infarcts to initiate stroke pathway Mobile app for seamless coordination between Stroke care teams

Aids in detection of 11 findings:*

ICH and subtypes (Intraparenchymal Hemorrhage [IPH], Intraventricular Hemorrhage [IVH], Subdural Hemorrhage [SDH]. Subarachnoid Hemorrhage [SAH], and Extradural Hemorrhage [EDH]). Midline Shift, Mass Effect, Cranial Fracture, Infarcts, & Cerebral Atrophy 

*qER V2.0 EU Class IIA device MDD

Going beyond detection: Quantification & Progression**

Aids in localization & quantification of ICH and its subtypes, midline shift, and lateral ventricular volume. Helps in monitoring progression of hemorrhagic stroke, traumatic brain injury, or hydrocephalus.

**qER-Quant 510(k) K211222

ASPECT Scoring for Infarcts***

Assess severity of stroke using qER's ASPECT Score on slices with hypodense regions. Secondary captures with ASPECT overlays; designed to support clinicians in decision-making for treatments. 

***qER V2.1 Class I device MDD

Smarter Workflow and Triage

Real-time NCCT interpretation and alerts; personalized for clinicians for critical abnormalities.


Why choose us?

qER helps doctors by facilitating critical decision-making. By prioritizing scans that need urgent attention, the technology helps clinicians diagnose and treat those patients first. Every minute that the technology saves increases the chances of good long-term outcomes in patients with a stroke or brain hemorrhage.

Product Capability

How it works

qER uses deep learning to interpret head CT scans & creates an overlay highlighting location and quantification of detected findings.

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