AI for Musculoskeletal X-rays

qMSK aids in detection of bone fractures & joint dislocations of multiple body parts on MSK X-rays in less than a minute.

This reduces the chances of late diagnoses, underdiagnoses, and even potential misdiagnoses to deliver better patient care.

Pre-read Assistance

Detects & highlights bone fractures & joint dislocations for multiple body parts on MSK X-rays.

Worklist prioritization

Prioritizes worklist as per fracture likelihood to help reduce onset-to-treatment times for critical scans.

Can be deployed on-cloud or on-premises

Supports scans from all major manufacturers

*qMSK is not FDA approved/CE marked yet and is currently meant for investigational or research use only

Product Capability

qMSK can detect and localize bone fractures & joint dislocations on PA, lateral & oblique views.

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